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idwarscover-thumbIdentity Wars is a journey of self discovery. Its an invitation to learn your value in a purely relational context.


Our lives are bombarded with a constant drone of messages telling us that our success only comes from proving to ourselves and the world that we have what it takes, that we have the right stuff. it is a system that teaches us to feel valuable and important when we achieve and perform to a certain standard. the results of this system are in and the evidence is not good. Millions are depressed and hundred's of people a day ending their lives in despair.

I invite you to learn the true nature of this war we are in - an identity war of what defines our value and worth. the stakes are high because it is life and death. The book(online or PDFaudio and video found on this site contains the key principles I have learnt from this war and what I believe is the road to true freedom.

Adrian Ebens


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